How Do I Get Reviews for My Info Products & Books?

Ron Douglas and Alice SebaHere’s another excerpt from our Info Product Mastery Q&A session where we teach you how to create and sell your information product.

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Now, here’s our next question…

Question: How Do I Get Reviews for My Info Products and Books? 

Ron: That’s easy. Just give out a free copy of your product to a bunch of people, and ask for reviews. It’s as simple as that. It takes some leg work, but it’s worth it. You can  also include the request for a review in your book, inside your information product or in your email follow up, but it will always be more effective if you ask directly.

Alice: Yeah, it is that simple. Of course you have to be careful because with places like Amazon you can’t give incentives for people to give you reviews, but you can always ask for them.

If it’s your own product that you’re selling through your own website, you have a bit more leeway and that’s what I always do. I just ask for feedback. I don’t ask for a testimonial or a review, but I set up a form where I ask for their opinion on the product either way, and then I may give them some incentive for doing that. But they can still get whatever I offered, even if they say my product is just garbage. [laughs]

So you set it up that you’re just looking for feedback because people are happy to provide feedback when they paid good money for a product or book. They’re willing to give some suggestions in return for a little something, and if you look in the downloads for the Info Product Mastery course, we do have a form template for collecting testimonials. We show you exactly what questions to ask, how to collect effective testimonials that will help sell your product, so that will come in handy.

First Steps:

If you want to collect testimonials and reviews for your information product or book, here are your first steps:

  • Ask for them. Include a request for feedback inside your book, information product and email follow up. For customers you’re in contact with or leaders in your niche, ask them directly for a review or testimonial. Give out free copies of your product too. The more people who have it, the more reviews you can get.
  • If you’re selling your own product and publishing your own testimonials, set up a form to collect feedback and automate the process as much as possible.
  • Ask your customers specific questions, so you get better quality reviews. A review that simply says,  “It was awesome,” isn’t very meaningful. Ask your customers why they bought your product, how they are using it and what results they received. That gives you much better reviews that will be useful information to your potential customers.
  • Publish your reviews readily. Put them in the sidebar of your website, use them in blog posts, add them your bio page, create a special “testimonials” or “reviews page” and share them with your email subscribers. This is very powerful social proof that will help you sell your products.

What to Do Next 

As we mentioned, we have a testimonial collection template in our Info Product Mastery course. Sign up to get those, plenty of other templates AND step-by-step guidance to create a stellar product your customers will be happy to review. Click here to get started.