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Customer Reviews

Kate Rieger Writer Help Wanted Customer Review

Kate Rieger

"I'm always on the lookout for writers with expertise in wellness topics. Thanks to Writer Help Wanted I connected with an ideal candidate and she also has a background with internet marketing. Thanks to Alice, Ron, and team for making this happen. Game changer for me!"

Sharon McMillan Writer Help Wanted Customer Review

Sharon McMillan

"I've been a member of a few large writers' services over the years, but this is the first one that offered an assortment of constantly updated resources in flexible formats that meet me where I am in my business."

Susan O'Dea Writer Help Wanted Customer Review

Susan O'Dea

After reading an article in your group, I just priced a project at double what I would have and hour ago.  My palms were sweaty as I waited to see if they would proceed... Then I received a phone call asking when can I start! No more under pricing...

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