Tom Beal – Success Mindset

Tom Beal is a Professional Trainer and Coach who helps his clients reach the next level, regardless of obstacles or roadblocks that have prevented them from breaking through the plateau they’ve reached.

After being born to teenagers, raised around 4 divorces & 6 marriages, going to 9 different schools by 8th grade, and raised on welfare, Tom was able to become a National Bicycle Champion, the #1 Honor Graduate in Marine Corps Boot Camp at Parris Island, recipient of 3 meritorious promotions in 4 years while in the Marine Corps, #1 in 5 sales organizations, Publisher of The North Carolina Home Book, and President of Kelly-Media, Inc (a Jim Kelly – NFL HOF QB company), side by side with Mike Filsaime from 2006-2011, producing over $20 million in online results, and President of Strategic Profits for Rich Schefren for 2.5 years, from 2011-2013

He talked to us about SOS, which stands for “Stop Overcomplicating Success.” Watch it to make sure you define the right success for you and develop a simple plan for getting there. He also showed us it doesn’t matter where you came from or where you may be right now; there are steps you can take TODAY which can lead you to fulfilling your dreams, personally & professionally.

Ron: Welcome to another fantastic hangout. I’m Ron Douglas, hey Alice.

[00:00:12] Alice: Hello everyone it’s good to see you.

[00:00:13] Ron: Today we have the honor of having a really cool guest. One of the most popular figures in online marketing and online business, a true legend in the game, I don’t — I do say that a lot, but this guy really is, this guy had a huge impact on my career and on countless others and he’s been doing it a really long time. I’ll do a more formal introduction but I just wanted to say Tom Beal and welcome.

[00:00:40] Tom: Good to be here Ron and Alice thanks for having me, it’s going to be a fun time.

[00:00:48] Ron: Tom has a new book coming out. SOS: Stop Over Complicating Success which is coming out the next month or two. We’re going to talk about that a little bit and we’re going to talk about what that means to stop over-complicating success but to tell you a little bit about Tom, he was working for Mike Filsaime at the time, with him as the President of Mike Filsaime Inc. at the time we met in 2006 or so. And, it was at a networking event, I believe it was in Jersey, and he’s just such a nice guy. I started talking to him and he’s one of these guys that just wants to help you. He’s genuinely interested in helping others. I started telling him what I do, and introduced him to myself, and he starts to give me all these ideas of what I can do with my business.

He’s like you can do this or that and this stuff was like going right over my head. I’m like “slow down a second” and he was saying you can get a lot of publicity for what you’re doing because it has a main-street appeal. He really opened my eyes to what was possible. And, after that, a couple of years later I ended up actually getting a book deal with Simon and SxXXXX and getting publicity but it wouldn’t have been possible if he hadn’t opened my eyes up to the possibilities and made me believe I could do that. I wasn’t even going along that path thinking about that at all. I was just trying to sell some eBooks on the Internet and he really opened doors for me and changed the way I thought. He’s done that for countless other people, other success stories, Rich XXXXX as president of his company and now he’s doing his own thing: He’s a life coach, a business strategist, and so many of his clients have gone on to just increase their value of their life not just with their business but also with their relationships, health and he’s just an all around good guy. Hopefully, that fit the proper intro for you Tom. I could talk about you for an hour but I’ll just let you…

[00:02:47] Tom: I appreciate it and it’s good to reflect. It’s 10 years now. You believe it? That was in 2006 and here we are in 2016. My mind is blown that these 10 years have gone by. I’m just honored to be here with you Ron, and you Alice and you watching this. If you are in with Ron and Alice you’re with good company. There is a saying that you’re going to be your average of the five closest people you hang out with most. So, you’re in good company. If you can be more like Alice, be more like Ron, and hopefully more like me you will take your life in very short order from where you are to where you want to be. So congratulations for being here. It’s my desire and my desired outcome, that similar to Ron, that I’ll share some information that may plant a seed of possibility for you of what is possible. We’ll talk a little bit more about success in general but what’s possible from where you are in health, relationship and finances?

[00:03:36] Tom: Where you can be, and there’s going to be some things that are going to be outside of your current spectrum but those are going to be seeds that are planted. Just like Ron described, many people hear it and you know what they think let me go out and check that out a little more. Ron went above and beyond he didn’t just check it out. He’s been on QVC and then HSN, been on the Today Show and all those different network shows which got his books, which give him a little brownie points here (shows Ron’s books). How many households have these books? From that idea we talked about 10 years ago. He took massive action and has put the proper steps in place to achieve things that many people think are out of their realm of possibility. That’s my intent today to share with you all and with you specifically, Alice, Ron, will get some benefit and I will get some benefit from today’s call.

[00:04:33] Tom: I’m excited by the possibilities from today’s call of where you can take your life. From where it is, to where you want it to go.

[00:04:37] Ron: Awesome. Awesome. So for someone whose been around success and been a part of such amazing success like over 100 million dollars in launches with these companies that you’ve been in charge of? What does it mean to stop over-complicating success in general?

[00:04:54] Tom: Especially in today’s day and age. We live in an a day and age like no other. My phones are over there charging. But we have that little phone, iPhone, Android or whatever you have that has more power in it than we ever anticipated. Ron and I are the same age, so going back to the 70’s and 80’s — they didn’t have computers like that. NASA made it to the moon with less power than we carry around with us now. And, back in the day we’d have to go to the library to write our papers to do our research. Now everything we can imagine is at our finger tips. With this information over load what happens is people get that paralysis by analysis and what can happen is there are so many things, so many shiny objects, so many distractions and what can happen is people don’t understand that it can be simple. But there are certain strategies to be in place in order for you to keep that focus and get clear on what your next step is. Because, we can’t do it all.

[00:05:50] Tom: Right now the super bowl is coming up — one thing you’ll notice about the super bowl is that each of the players on each team have a specific role and duty you won’t see the quarter back play defense in the super bowl, I can guarantee that. The quarterback is there to play quarterback, the center is there to play center. You won’t see him on a kick off. Do you understand what I’m saying? In business a lot of people try to be all positions on the team and just like you mentioned, I worked with Rich SXXXX… one of the things that got him on the map was his initial launch that had that YOU diagram.

[00:06:27] Tom: Just imagine you in the middle with all the different activities of trying to fill all the positions on a football team and all the positions more relatively in your business? What’s going to happen is, overwhelm, over complication, burn out and how do I know that because I’ve experienced it. Ron, Alice — you ever experience any of that?

[00:06:42] Ron & Alice: For sure, yes. Total overwhelm.

[00:06:42] Tom: Overwhelm, frustration, what the heck do I do? So, first of all what I would recommend you do is get clear on what success means to you. What success means to you. A lot of people when asked and I asked thousands of entrepreneurs last year, I traveled to 11 different countries and shared some of the strategies you’ll hear today on stages to these entrepreneurs and I asked in one-on-one conversations what success meant to them. Guess, take a guess what the most common answer was to what success was? What area do you think it went mostly to?

[00:07:16] Alice: Entrepreneurs was the target audience?

[00:07:18] Tom: Yes

[00:07:19] Alice: I’m sure it’s something to do with money?

[00:07:21] Tom: Correct. Money. So, when people think of success they automatically jump to the bank account. I would like to ask, and share with you to consider that in my opinion that’s one aspect of success. Now, I’ll say this — big bank accounts don’t impress me all by themselves. Because, we all have friends who have big bank accounts that have crappy health, mentally, physically and emotionally and crappy relationships. Their friends hate them, their kids hate them, their wife, their ex-wife they’re other ex-wife hate them. You know. But, they have a big bank account. But, guess what, you can’t really go to bed and cozy up with a big bank account. So, there’s more to success in my opinion and I’ll have you consider than just the big bank account. Now, I’m not discounting the big bank account. The big bank account allows you, and big is all relevant be the way, allows you to have the freedom to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want, for as long as you want. And that’s, in my opinion, the desire that most entrepreneurs start with. And, so consider for one moment that it’s not about just the bank account.

[00:08:29] Tom: Step back and say OK here’s how I’ve called it. The Trinity Success Method. This is a triangle. The base is health, the side is relationships, the other side is finances. So, keeping it simple, not over complicating it not with the YOU diagram that is overwhelming, my goal is to each day improve one of those areas one small bit. So I would ask you to consider, instead of trying to do 50,000 things, what can I do today to improve my health, my relationships that are key to me, and my financial situation? Is that a pretty good place to start?

[00:09:03] Ron: Yea, for sure.

[00:09:05] Tom: Now, let’s delve a little deeper. So, just like we said when people are asked what does success mean to you, especially entrepreneurs they jump to money. If we go back to the triangle if we go to health, what do you think most people say when I ask what does health mean to you?

[00:09:22] Ron: What do they jump to?

[00:09:23] Tom: Just like success they jump to money, with health they jump to ….

[00:09:28] Ron: Weight, muscles?

[00:09:30] Tom: Fitness, right? The outward appearance of health — That’s one, just like money is one aspect of success, I will ask you to consider when we’re talking health there’s a whole other triangle of health, the base that I talk about is mental, just like we have a lot of people who have big bank accounts with crappy wealth and crappy relationships there are a lot of people who look super amazing on the outside and then internally, mentally they’re a mess. Other side is nationally — and they’re a mess and psychically they’re good. The song is one out of three ain’t bad but it is bad. You don’t want one out of three. You don’t just the money and poor health and relationships — you don’t want just a good looking body and you’re suicidal or you can’t keep thoughts together or you can’t take any action —

[00:10:19] Ron: Or depressed.

[00:10:21] Tom: Yea and guess what, we live in a society, I don’t know the numbers but a majority of today’s society is on some type of anti depressant or something related to that. So what I’m sharing with you is stop over complicating success, keep it simple, hopefully what I’m saying will plant for you possibility for you to revisit this and listen to this again and ah aha now I understand how all this is piecing together. So, just a quick recap —

Success isn’t just about the money, there’s more to it than the money. Consider success being your health, your relationships and your finances — in that order. And every day I wake up to seek to improve it a small bit each and every day. One small step, a day at a time, I’m able to get very far on my path. So, let’s circle back to the health.

[00:11:03] Tom: So with health we have mental, emotional, and physical. Let me circle back and share with you personally what I do to improve my health, mentally, emotionally and physically every day. And for people that follow me on Facebook they see this. My daily routine when I am home,  is to wake up in the morning, and have a big glass of water next to my bed, I drink the water, and I get dressed, I put my ear phones in and grab my phone and walk out the door and walk 1.7 miles from my house to the beach listening to audios either on audible which are the audio books, or podcast or an app I use called speedup and with each of those apps I’m able to listen to audio at more than regular speed.

[00:11:49] Tom: So you’re watching this video listening to me, it’s regular speed most likely. I listen to my audio on audible on 3x speed, I listen to podcast as fast as it goes 2 x speed, and I can listen to on speedup at 3x speed as well. So, it takes me 1/2 an hour to walk from my home to the beach, and I do some intention setting for the day, get clear, look at my calendar at what’s coming up and I ask the secret question: What is my desired outcome for each of these meetings? As I said earlier for here. I have a desired outcome for this information that I’m sharing with you now. My desired outcome is to plant some seeds and give you some ideas to expand what’s possible for you.  And,  just like Ron had those seeds planted he took massive action and years later. Just as I’ve had numerous people throughout the years like Ron come back to me and say hey — by the way do you remember that conversation we had, yea, well I took some action on what you said, I had one guy — I don’t even know his name, he came up to me, he heard I was speaking at an event, bought a ticket just to come there to thank me because like five years ago he heard something that planted a seed and he took action and now his business is worth more than 5 million a year.

[00:12:52] Tom: I don’t even know his name. That’s because it happens so frequently. So that’s my goal, to have you watching this and have something that I say plant a seed that makes you think a few years later that you’ll come up to me and say that I planted a seed, and I took massive action and transformed my life. So,…

[00:13:11] Alice: I like that because it’s kind of how you need to absorb a lot of information, because we are on information overload but its’ always that one little thing you hear, whether it’s today or another day, don’t think you need to know everything just focus on that one thing.

[00:13:25] Tom: Absolutely. So, my morning routine helps me do all the health aspects: mentally, emotionally and physically. Because, I’m out there getting fresh air, I’m walking briskly, I have my apple watch which tracks my pace, I’m walking 15 minutes per mile which brings me almost to that two mile mark in about 1/2 an hour. I do my intention setting, and then I turn around and walk back. It’s about an hour of a round trip every morning and in that 1 hour I’m listening to 3 hours of audio due to today’s technology and because of today’s unique opportunity for people like Ron, like Alice, like myself, like ah Damen JXXXX like, you name it, you can look at Jim RXXXX audios and videos and Tony Robbins audio and videos whatever resonates with you, it’s all there, on YouTube, and it’s all there in the audible store. We live in a day and age like no other.

[00:14:21] Tom: It’s up to you to get the ones that resonate with you, that you feel can directly impact your trajectory right now. Find those podcast, listen to them on that morning walk. Find those audible books; listen to them on that morning walk. Find in this case, I have many YouTube videos that you can get free YouTube to MP3 software just Google that and you can paste the URL and it turns it into an MP3 and then you load it into your speed up app and now you’re taking care of your mental health, physical health and emotional health by that morning walk. That one thing ensures that I set my day up to make it the most probable that I’m going to have an awesome day. now there are days it’s raining and days i have things that I do when I can’t do the morning walk, however I can definitely feel a difference in my productivity, in my mental productivity and emotional productivity when I don’t get my walk taken care of . The bottom line is, what can you do as a ritual as a habit that will ensure that it sets your day up in the morning to have the best day possible for you. So, we’ll stop here for a minute and have Ron and Alice ask any follow up questions on that. But, just think about that for a second.

[00:15:35] Tom: We talked about what I’m doing every day to improve my health, my relationships and my finances. But right away first thing in the morning I’ve squared away my health — mentally, physically and emotional and other areas as well because a lot of the audios I listen to not only benefit me, they benefit my clients, they benefit opportunities like this for sharing information that puts so good information in over the years that we’re talking 26 years of now of being a student of being involved in personal and business development, that when I get into situations like this, I don’t have to prepare, I’ve already prepared over 26 years. Turn the camera on, tell me what the topic is and here we go. Right? How’s this for a start of basically simplifying success? The bottom line of that whole story is the power of morning rituals. That works for me. I want you to consider what is my morning ritual and is it setting me up for success or probably not so much? What could I do if it’s not so much? What could I do that would assist me in putting together a morning ritual that would set me up for success on that day and take one small step to improve each of those areas we’ve chatted about.

[00:16:49] Ron: Yea I mean a morning ritual that a lot of people have is they wake up to an alarm clock, and you know what I mean and are grumpy and I gotta get on the train and go to the job I hate and you know they have sugary breakfast and then jump on a subway car or something with crowded a bunch of people and they get to the office and have to race there so they’re not late so the boss doesn’t scream at them. When you think about morning routines of people it makes a lot of sense that it’s the first thing people can focus on is what’s your routine , how do you get started every day. Most people just over look it and go on about their day not realizing the impact on the rest of their day, their results and their life over all. Like Alice, she’s super grumpy in the morning.

[00:17:40] Alice: (laughs)

[00:17:42] Tom: I can tell. Well here’s the deal, as you were saying that I was raising my hand because I was in that scenario.  Let’s rewind back to after the Marine Corps. I was in the USMC for a while, we’ll talk about that in a little bit, but after the Marine Corps I went to college a little bit, got my associates degree and was in corporate America. And, here I am as a copy sales rep and then I was a copier sales manager then I was an advertising sales manager, and I had some bosses that were far from ideal and were jerks. So, I can relate to that. One thing I will say , if that’s you watching this, I knew at that moment that it was temporary and I knew that I was going to take steps in those moments that weren’t desirable that weren’t my ideal scenario. If I was the ruler of the universe it’s not where I’d be, but guess what, at that particular moment that’s where I was — so in my mind I said Know what? HEre’s where I am, here’s where I want to be and I’m going to share the five steps I put into place that got me very quickly from that far from ideal situation, commuting an hour each way on many occasions and working for real jerks and really barely making enough to get by, to breaking away from that, failing miserably having to crawl back ask for my job back and finally set myself up to leave and take off.

[00:19:07] Tom: So that’s, you’ve all seen that meme about, what’s success, and what we think success is versus what it really is — it’s not a straight line it’s a squiggly line. I’m still a squiggly line, let’s just clarify that. No level of success and trust me, I’ve worked with the best of the best, eliminates problems, difficulties, and challenges, and we’re talking health, relationship, business wise. The two constants are change and chaos. The more trajectory and the more results you have there’s that song, more money, more problems, — it’s true. The good part is, the more money if done properly you become such a bigger person you’re able to handle bigger problems. That’s why when lottery winners win the money’s gone pretty quickly because they didn’t go through the learning process and grow as a person. They were just given the money.

[00:20:00] Tom: And Or Sports… I mean sports, my brother played in the NFL for 10 years, he’s a lot bigger than I am. 6 foot four and 310 lbs but the odds were stacked against him. He had that big audacious goal, he got it, he was in the NFL for 10 years, fortunately he grew as a person and knew that the odds were stacked against people who were given money like that and he studied the stats. The stats are 75 percent that Football Players and Basketball Players go bankrupt after they leave their active career. I mean, so more money more problems, in the entrepreneurial world you’ll learn to handle larger problems. In essence it’s a blessing. So we got the morning routine, now I took a couple of notes. The other thing is the five steps.

[00:20:56] Tom: The five steps. We talked about the five steps. So when I was the publisher of The North Carolina Home Book for any of you looking to build, remodel or decorate the million dollar plus home in Charlotte, Greensboro and Raleigh NC …. I had one of those jerk bosses and I just knew this was not the place for me to be. This was also the time of September 11th. Here I had a sales team, and I was driving to an appointment with the interior designer for many NASCAR drivers when I heard on the radio the towers had been hit. I pulled over on the side of the road, and my sister called me and told me what was happening on TV. I couldn’t believe it. I had lived in NYC for a while. I don’t even remember planes being in the area, this is weird. Then when she said the 2nd one was hit. I said “We’re under attack.” I called my office and said “We’re under attack, go home.”

[00:21:40] Tom: I sat on the side of the road, and I said this is where it’s time for me to turn from being the student to start sharing the answer to the question that many people asked me over the year. That question was “Tom, how do you do it?” Because I had gotten into things, and become the very top in a relatively short amount of time, in sales organizations, in the Marine Corps in bicycle free styling, and I thought now is the time to share that answer.

[00:22:08] Tom: So for you here watching I’m going to share with you what I’ve termed the Five Step Success Magnet System and it’s what’s brought me, and your own, and if you study anyone, Ron, and Alice’s and anybody’s success you can recognize retroactively that these five steps have been applied. The good news is that when you know them and you can proactively put them in place now they can very quickly get you from where you are to where you want to be in your health, relationships and finances.

[00:22:37] Tom: So here they are. The first step is Vision. You gotta have a clear vision. Here’s where I am, here’s where I want to be. The more crisp and clear that vision is the better it is for you to get that motivation to begin making the progress and change to get you there. So for instance with weight. I became fat and happy over the years. Ron you’ve seen me in those fat days. Mike Filsaime and I making good money and eating out all the time. Traveling a lot. I looked in the mirror and thought what the heck happened? I put on a lot of weight. I grew up as a wrestler and was always skinny and I looked and I was like I have a gut and my face looks fat. First thing with the vision comes a choice. Until a choice is made nothing is going to change. If nothing changes, nothing changes. My vision is to get thin and I put a goal to attain from where I was to where I wanted to be so that vision is key.

[00:23:30] Tom: The second step is belief. You gotta believe that it is possible. We’re talking personally and professionally. If people are achieving great results in the niche you’re in , is it possible for you? Well I can tell you this. I have already mentioned that I’m a flawed individual. Every guru is a flawed individual. Every best-selling author is a flawed individual. So the good news is, it’s okay being flawed. You’re imperfectly perfect. It’s okay. Just be you. Guess what, everyone has doubts, concerns, worries, and challenges and all that fun stuff so don’t think they had that easy path of success that goes just straight up they had the squiggly line too. So the question is, is it possible. Chances are, you watching this are not like Star Trek, going where no man has gone before. Chances are good someone else out there had a similar dream, taken the proper steps and achieved some great results. So it’s up to you to do the next step and the next step is called Identify and Align.

[00:24:25] Tom: The third step is Identify and Align. Identify those people that you resonate with, Ron, Alice and plug yourself into getting the guidance with them. Ask what I ask my good friend Jeffry BXXXXXXX best-selling sales author of all time. I got to meet Jeffry in Charlotte NC, I said to him, “Look you’re doing what I want to do, and living the life I want to live. If you were me, what are some steps would you recommend I take to get from where I am to where you are today?” Basically he outlined what he’d do, this, this and this. I plugged myself in and followed the guidance that he told me to take and very short order it was giving me results that had I not had his guidance I wouldn’t have know those steps to take.

[00:25:23] Tom: The Forth Step is Commitment to Action. You’re at this stage you’ve plugged in with Ron and Alice, you’ve been around the block. You know what to do. Let me just be the one to tell you. You know what steps you need to take and you know based on where you are based on where you want to be chances are good, myself, Ron or Alice isn’t going to tell you anything you never heard before. The bottom line is you have to be committed to taking action. Imperfect action always beats perfect inaction. Once again: Imperfect action always beats perfect inaction. One of my first mentors said you don’t have to get it right you just have to get it going. Perfection really creeps into a lot of people, thinking I need to learn this first and that first.  The bottom line is in your niche how and where can you use your unique selling proposition. If you don’t know, YOU can be your unique selling proposition. YOU are different from everyone else in your niche. That’s why there can be so many gurus in the Internet marketing crowd. All the gurus in the health and weight loss crowd because they have these three things: Your personality, your experiences and your perspective. N one else on the planet has those three things, that’s what makes you unique. Your personality, your experiences, your perspective can be your unique selling proposition. Imagine getting paid more than you ever thought possible by just being you. Taking your personality, experiences and perspective and packaging it into an offer that gives value to that niche. Craft that offer and here’s 9 words. Ron and Alice do you want to hear 9 words that Mike Filsaime and I used to create multiple 10’s of millions of dollars?

[00:27:02] Ron and Alice: Yes. Sure.

[00:27:03] Tom: Alright. These 9 words are how Mike and I would sit down with a blank piece of paper and begin brainstorming our offers. Tell your story, share your results, sell your system. Let that sink in a little bit.  Now when you get to sell your system, here is another phrase that John Carlton and Frank KernXXXX made popular. Selling your system here is a quick way to offer something for sale. Here’s what I’ve got, here’s what it will do for you, here’s what you do next.  So combining those two things is how Mike and I would craft all our offers that gave value to our niche, to tell our story, share our results, and sell our system. Here’s what we’ve got, here’s what we’ll do, and here’s what to do next. Pretty simple. So this ties all in (unintelligible) with SOS because traveling the world I know there are a lot of people who are making success way too complicated. So, you asked how was this going to simplify it, hopefully that little bit there was a huge eye opener, because you hear to create a webinar you have to follow the XYZ process and it’s a 55 step process, and oh my god it’s going to create me 3 years to create the webinar. No. Do what I just said. Tell your story, share your results, sell your system. Here’s what I’ve got, here’s what it will do for you, and here’s what you do next.

[00:28:26] Tom: Boom. Make it happen. Alright so — That is the commitment to action. So let’s go over the steps.

  • 1st step Vision
  • 2nd step Belief
  • 3rd Step Identify and align
  • 4th step Commitment to Action

Let’s just circle back to that story that I mentioned with me losing weight. We all know how to lose weight. Yet, it’s a billion dollar industry. Ron you even have a cookbook here, what is it. “Without the Guilt.” Ron has tapped into the billion dollar industry by helping people cook healthy foods without the guilt. Healthy and good tasting food from restaurants without the guilt. So anyhow, we all know what to do to lose weight. We gotta eat properly, you don’t have to have a degree to know what is good, and Twinkies don’t fall into it and Donuts don’t fall into it, cake doesn’t fall into it — we are smarter than that. We know we need to eat properly. We know it’s probably not good to drink Coca-Cola or any of those sugar filled drinks, it’s probably best to drink water, so drink more water, eat properly, get sleep — maybe not everyone knows that but proper sleep is important to losing weight — and now here’s the kicker, we all know this too, move more, hello!, move more, eat better, and drink water and not the other crap. It’s a multibillion dollar industry. But, you bring your personality, experience and expertise. You can put that together and make a valuable offer for your niche. So commitment to action,we know what could do and should do but the bottom line is getting off our duff and doing it.

[00:30:25] Tom: Alright so those are the four steps, the fifth step is super key. Fifth Step is Have Fun. Have fun. Man, so many people have the belief that I’ll be happy, when I get that house, I’ll be happy when I get that car, I’ll be happy when I have that 100K launch, I’ll be happy when …. man, the when never comes. You have to enjoy the moment and this sounds trite, but we’ve all had friends and family members who are no longer here. If you haven’t heard none of us get out alive. (Intelligible) None of us make it out alive. So my hypothesis is while i’m here I’m going to have fun. I live by three things. I live by everything I do is joy, adventure and passion. That’s me personally. There’s a whole bunch of studies on how you can come up with what drives you. But I do things that bring me joy, give me adventure and bring me passion. My life is pretty fun. Regardless of the all the chaos, regardless of the problems and regardless of the challenges — I’m pretty good at solving problems. The better you get at solving problems the better and easier that success will become for you.

[00:31:30] Tom: So, the five steps.

  1. Vision
  2. Believe
  3. Identify and Align
  4. Commitment to Action
  5. Have Fun

Each can be applied to your health, relationships and finances. So that’s a brief summary and I’ll turn it to Ron and Alice to ask if there’s any questions prior to moving to another topic.

[00:31:47] Alice: That was great! Because you work with a lot of people and do coaching and stuff, number 2 was Believe and you mentioned that knowing that seeing other people do the same thing, but people have a self-limiting belief that if others are doing it it can’t happen to “me”. I was even reading something about health, this woman who had children and now has a six pack and posted a photo of herself and she said “no excuses” and people got really mad because they said well that’s her and we’ve got this issue or that issue and she probably doesn’t work and doesn’t — and I don’t know all these kinds of things that people came up with. How do you help people get past that?

[00:32:32] Tom: Awesome follow up question. So first let me answer it in two areas. The first area, let’s talk business first of all, belief — here’s something I had two amazing client calls before getting on here one of the client calls led to this. I was number one in five separate sales organizations, and here is the key to success in any type of sales, and this is true whether it’s your own product or selling for someone else — you have to have the belief in the product, in the service, in the support and in yourself. Right, so if you’re out there trying to sell something that you don’t believe wholeheartedly in find something you do believe wholeheartedly in. I’m talking down to the core, even if they have a great product but their service is crappy, you’re going to be hesitant and if you don’t have the full wholehearted believe that for people who need this, this is the best that they can get. You need to find and hopefully you’re creating products that answer that question, look for this particular niche this is a must because what happens is it’s now your responsibility to market it properly to say look, their lives will never be the same when they get hold of this and it’s my job to share it in a manner of telling them here’s what I got, here’s what it’ll do, here’s what to do next in a manner that gets them to see it. I feel responsible if they say no thanks. I think Oh Crap, I messed up. I must not have explained it properly, this is what you’ve been looking for, all the other stuff is going to take your money and not give you results. Until you get that wholehearted belief, you need to find something that you do. For me, I’m in the service and consulting business and hopefully you can see that I believe in me. There is a track record that has stacked up the belief and the results have stacked up to where I know my studies and my research over 26 years has given me the ability to go from brand new to something at the top and more importantly to have the ability to share others they can have a starting point and a dream of where they want to be and get there quickly. It’s a proven process.

[00:34:29] Tom: I’ve done it for too many years. It’s worked so many times, I know that it works. I have 100 percent belief in it. You need to find a belief in your product or your service as an entrepreneur. That’s number one. Number two, so the product the service and the company you also need to believe in yourself. Here’s where the quote is so true, and many people have heard it, but I want you to really think about this. From Henry Ford — Henry Ford said this: “Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” So I’ve shared some ideas with someone and nope I can’t do that and I say you’re absolutely right until you believe you can. Until you believe you can, like you said, until you find a product you can believe in, go find one you can believe in, and until you can believe in yourself it’s an uphill battle and you’ll never reach the top. That’s just the bottom line.

[00:35:21] Tom: I used to be a wrestler. I was a pretty good wrestler but I missed the belief in myself. I prepared well, and I beat people I had no business beating them. But I was well prepared. I went in and was on the mat and I knew all the moves, an I was pretty good. But where I lacked was belief in myself so I went up a weight class to wrestle a tough kid from another school my senior year and I beat him. As I got out of the locker room and was walking over to my dad where I was with my gym bag I heard the coach from another team tell my dad, “Your son’s gonna win States this year.” I said to myself “No I’m not, I can’t beat Gary D’CarXXX.” Guess who I lost too. Here’s how I lost. It was zero/zero with seconds left and I looked over at the clock and thought I’m supposed to be losing by now. And Boom, he took me down and won in the last second. He won in my mind before we even stepped on the mat. I had a shift. That was in high school. When I was in the USMC, I ended up at the USMC wrestling facility in Quantico VA. I shifted from that to this mentality, no one has put in the work that I have, n no one trains as hard as I do, no one has put in the work over the years that I have. They may be 100 and Zero but today they’re losing.

[00:36:33] Tom: They’re losing. They don’t know who I am, but today they’ll remember my name because I’ll be the first person to ever beat them. I beat people I had no business beating. I was no better, but I was better in my mind. I made that decision in my mind. So, when you finally get that belief in that product or service and that belief in yourself and that comes from the proper preparation. There is a quote that says, Proper preparation prevents poor performance.

[00:37:00] Tom: Proper preparation prevents poor performance. The five p’s, I guess. Proper preparation prevents poor performance. I’m here, in the moment. When I’m on the mat when I’m wrestling, you don’t have time to think, thinking will make you lose, you’ve prepared so well, your body knows where to go next. My mind has been prepared over 26 years so that I can be totally present and know how to deliver an answer that will be valuable to that. That’s all from preparation. So, you listening, you have prepared, you wouldn’t be here watching this video, you wouldn’t be tied in with Ron and Alice if you weren’t a true student.

[00:37:36] Tom: Guess what. You’re a freak. (Laughs) and I say that with love, because I’m a freak too. What I mean by that is, all of society is going that way and you’re going the other way. Think about it. Not all of your friends and family are doing this. In fact some of your friends and family are calling you crazy, a dreamer. Ron, Alice, you (intelligible) thank God (intelligible), their life sucks. So, you’re going (intelligible). Belief in the law of sowing and reaping. As you sow so shall you reap. The efforts you put forward are planting the foundation for your success. You’re reading the books. You’re reading your books. Listening to the audio, video, taking the proper steps (intelligible) that you’re able to move forward on.

[00:38:36] Tom: So, you’re no better or worse than all the other gurus and the others who have made it to success. The bottom line is for you to recognize that they did it, imperfectly imperfect and I’m going to do it imperfectly imperfect too. If they can do it, I can do it too. Now there are some situations where I can’t try to be like Shack. I’m not (intelligible). As long as you’re in the right niche and have the proper personality and perspective you know in a non-delusional manner. If I were to dream and focus that I was going to be better than Shack, that would be wrong. But in my market I know, hey, you guys may be good at what you do, but I have my personality, experiences and perspectives that are different to offer.

[00:39:27] Tom: So, work on yourself. Know (unintelligible). Did that help Alice?

[00:39:39] Alice: I like the personality and experience perspective, you don’t have to be the best at anything, if you can connect with people on those levels — that’s a very powerful thing.

[00:39:47] Tom: Exactly. So now let’s transition OK so we’ve talked about simplifying success. SOS. Stop Over Complicating Success. You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going. We talked about the five steps of the success magnet system, we talked about the trinity success method, every day wake up and I ask myself how I’m going to improve my health, relationship and finances. Now we’ve talked about health. Let’s talk about relationships and finances briefly.

[00:40:13] Tom: Relationships, I break into three areas. Personal, Professional and social. Not everyone deserves the same amount of time and attention. You have to be clear on who your people are. If you don’t know who your people are get clear. And mostly, it’s your significant other, your kids if you have any, your close friends and family. And, personal — professional that’s your business partner, and social that’s .. (Intelligible)…. [00:41:29] …

[00:41:29] Tom: Working 80 hours a week, how do you think that’s going to turn out? That’s not good. So, he said look you want to impress me get the same result in half the time. He’s like, how much you’re working doesn’t impress me, if you want to impress me get the same thing done in half the time. Just like Ron you mentioned the PR route, to get those TV channels, first thought is No me on TV, you rocked it and similarly that doesn’t impress me if someone brags about working too much (intelligible)….  If you want to impress me do that in a smaller time limit. I don’t want to be the person bragging about how much I’m working, I want to be the person who brags on how little I work and how much I achieve in that time. Now, that (intelligible). ….

[00:42:33] Tom: It’s about your relationships and help. It’s all perspective. Here’s the thing, God Bless them I was in that mold for a long time. (Intelligible) I’m not looking to convince anyone, when the time is right they’ll come looking for me. (Intelligible) I’m not out there selling anything. I’m providing value, they see it they get it and we come together. (Intelligible) So that’s my philosophy. I’d rather work as little as possible and get the same results or more. But to each their own. That’s relationships.

[00:43:25] Tom: So Finances. This is a key too. So finances, also has a triangle. Simplify. It’s such a complicated topic, here’s how I look at finances. Today money, tomorrow money and contribution. Alice, where do you live?

[00:43:49] Alice: Vancouver Canada.

[00:43:50] Tom: And Ron you’re up in New York, I’m in Florida. So in Canada and NY do the bills come roughly every thirty days?

[00:43:57] Ron: Oh yea, like clockwork.

[00:44:00] Alice: Yes.

[00:44:01] Tom: Are they late up in Canada with the bills or are they pretty on point?

[00:44:03] Alice: (laughs) No, on time.

[00:44:06] Tom: On time, right OK so, I’m pretty sure wherever you’re watching this regardless of where you are in the world, they’re pretty darn persistent. So when we look at our finances, Today Money, counts with what are we doing to provide for the current living expenses tat we have? So, it’s up to you to identify with all our expenses, business and personal here is the net and it’s up to me to get my Today Money in order, we’ll talk about why in a second. I’m putting the proper activity in place that will produce  enough so that I’m not fretting at the end of the month if I’m going to be able to pay all my bills and by the way, this is a person who has been in that place many times over the years where, crap I don’t know where the money’s going to come from. Working in the corporate world and all that fun stuff, many months where I had more expenses than money. Does that make sense? Right, so that was me, so I get it.

[00:45:00] Tom: So here’s the deal. When you’re in that position it’s very hard to be as creative as possible. So the deal is — do what you’ve got to do to get your today money in order, then transition to the tomorrow money. So, back when I was starting, back when Mike Filsaime was starting, when Ron was starting, we had corporate jobs and we had a dream that we were going to fulfill on the side. I’m going to call that moonlighting. So we were putting in the hours at work, which was the today money which covered most of the bills, but we had bigger dreams. We knew this wasn’t our lot in life so we put together time and effort and energy to follow our passions to do what we thought was the best activity to create some sort of outside alternative business.

[00:45:45] Tom: That may be you. But, one thing I don’t like and I hear some people preach is that if you don’t quit you’re not committed. What? No, No. Because the entrepreneurial trail has those zigzags, you need the today money. So, stay with the corporate job until you get your tomorrow money which is your new opportunity or your new business that you’re starting up to a level that can take care of yourself and your obligations. Does that make sense Ron and Alice?

[00:46:14] Ron & Alice: Sure, Absolutely, Yea.

[00:46:14] Tom: And so then the Tomorrow Money is key. The today money, do what you gotta do. So, the Today Money and the Tomorrow Money makes sense. Here’s another warning about Tomorrow money, so I have a friend who earned 10’s of millions of dollars, was the king of the times, (Intelligible) he had a tomorrow money project that went on for years was a lot of out go with nothing coming in. I was like what are you doing about your today money, “ah don’t worry about it” (Intelligible)… Well maybe it will work. Don’t take your eye off the today money. There has to be this balance here, even though you have these funds, you need to be putting something away if you’re focused on tomorrow money it becomes your baby. If you take your eye off it, the next thing you know, it’s out. He lost all of it, he was so married to that project and took his eye off today money and lost it.

[00:47:23] Tom: So weigh all the options. So that’s a warning. Have the balance. Today money, tomorrow money and here’s the contribution. There’s a book by Mark Victor Hansen called The Aladdin Factor. I would recommend Googling that and the bottom line is the more you give the more you receive. Now, I’ll just sum it up. (Intelligible) There are things happening I can’t understand or explain. Contribution. That’s what they talk about in the Aladdin Factor. You don’t give saying “I can’t wait to give to get all the money coming my way.” You give out of the heart of giving, not expecting anything in return, but when you choose to receive that message of the more you give the more you receive, magic happens. Hence the name, The Aladdin Factor. So I would recommend reading that to get more in-depth with the third leg of the Today Money, Tomorrow Money and Contribution of the financial part of the triangle.

[00:48:34] Tom: So in the beginning we said stop over complicating success. We’ve gone through a lot of twists and turn, shared a lot of different strategies. You watching, some may have resonated and boom that’s the one thing I was looking for and others you may have a list of three, four or five things that resonated and that’s OK. This is something you can listen to over and over again, at the different stages you are something else will resonate with you and for you.

[00:48:55] Tom: Now, as the entrepreneur there’s a quote that our good friend John Reese put together. He said, “The person with the most offers wins.” “The person with the most offers wins.” Here’s the bottom line, and there’s nowhere on line or nowhere in your marketing where someone can say yes and say I want that and bust out their credit card and pay, you’re not going to make any money. You have to have an offer and they have to have a way to give you money for you to earn that sale and earn that money and profit. So the person with the most offers wins and if you subscribe to that value and the belief in that product or service strongly, for these people this is what they’re looking for, this is what’s missing, this is what they want and need you’re on the right track. So, create more offers.

[00:49:40] Tom: In creating offers, here’s some other wisdom that can be super powerful. A friend of ours has a podcast and he’s interviewing Dan Sullivan. One of the most popular business coaches of all time in our era — And, Dan Sullivan was asked my question that I asked my friend to ask which was this: Dan, if you could go back and tell yourself some wisdom 20 years ago what would you tell yourself? And, Dan Sullivan came back with these two things. First, he’d tell himself 20 years ago to get clear about what his unique abilities are and focus only on those unique abilities and 2nd he’d give his best stuff away for free. By the way he wouldn’t loan his 20 year old self away, no, give your best stuff away free, he wouldn’t that’s only for his high paying clients.

[00:50:40] Tom: Now they have a 10x something podcast where they give stuff away that used to be only reserved for their high end clients. What that does is it brings many people because they know this guy knows his stuff. They attract high level clients. (Intelligible)….. 20 percent of the effort provides 80 percent of the results. We’re trying to do the You diagram and do all of the stuff when 80 percent of those activities only produce 20 percent of the results. What Dan Sullivan means about getting clear on his abilities and staying within those is this, what is the absolute misuse of his time and there are only three areas, everything else he outsources or builds a team around and he knows had he done this sooner he’d be even further, but that is where he is now — so I would submit that wisdom to you that you need to get clear about what your unique abilities, your revenue producing activities that only you can do with your unique perspective , your experience and your personality that no one else can do. You can’t outsource that, you can’t hire a team member to do that, this is your captain of the ship (Intelligible) ….put systems and processes and team members in place as quickly as possible so you can focus on those and delegate the rest.

[00:52:07] Tom: Also subscribe to investigating how you can deliver value some of your best stuff whether it’s through a podcast, a free report, YouTube videos, whatever it is for your particular niche, how can you give amazing stuff which basically is a fishing pole, bait that you’re casting out there to your marketplace in that pond where you know your market place and niche hangs out you know that your ideal prospect hangs out. You throw your best stuff out there and you real them in. Got one. Got another. That’s growing your list and when you get get them there, they get to know they can trust you and want more. That leads to the offers. With your offers tell them what you’ve got, what it will do for them, and what to do next.

[00:52:54] Tom: All that fun stuff. There’s a lot of stuff we shared in here. I didn’t get anywhere close to the complete list of notes I have. Let me know how long we have, and what questions you have.

[00:53:04] Ron: No that was awesome Tom. I gotta hit the applause for you here. That was good stuff. I can’t wait for the book to come out. I know I’ll be reading that. Every time I hear you speak I always pick up something new that I should be applying to my own life and the way you structure everything and simplify things is really amazing. You have a gift and you should really get your own stuff out there more. Because you could definitely be helping a lot more people with that.

[00:53:33] Tom: Thank you for that. That’s the game plan. I have been fortunate to have some amazing clients. I’m kind of behind the scenes though. With those people I’m their secret weapon. But, now it’s time to share this information with you, Ron, you Alice and you watching this. With the book and all that to spread it out on a much larger level to make as much impact as possible in the world. Thank you.

[00:53:53] Tom: Oh one last thing and this ties back, Alice to your question about the woman who had six pack abs. I have a philosophy called better than your best. Here’s the other thing when people ask about what success means, they jump to money… people ask about what health success means they jump to physical appearance.. One of the flaws and one of the things I’ve noticed that most people over complicate is comparing themselves to others. It’s almost like if you and I were to go to the gym who is a body builder. He’s a professional. That can be motivating or discouraging. That took a lot of time, genetics and a whole bunch of things to get to that. But, when you look at others success go back to their imperfect perfect. They set a goal and took massive action. (Intelligible) You have to transfer it from intimidating to inspiration and say you know what, the only person I’m going to compete with is looking back at the mirror. That’s the person I’m competing with. My goal is to better my best. If I can stake one step to improve my health, personal life and finances then that’s a success.

[00:55:21] Tom: So when you’re looking at these other people look it as inspiration instead of intimidation. If they can do it, I can do  it. There are different levels of that, what is success for you. It’s different on each of those areas. Success is different for health, finances and relationships for each and every one of us. Don’t, compare someone else’s goal with your own personal goal of success. Look yourself in the mirror and get clear on where you’re at. Rate yourself on a scale of zero to 10 in your health, — mentally, physically, emotionally. Your relationships — personally, professionally, socially? Finances, zero to ten Today money, tomorrow money and contribution? Now where do I want to be? If you’re a six in health, and want to be an 8 what do I have to do?

[00:56:12] Tom: Here are four questions, and this is a good one. Alright, and as you can see this can go on for hours.

1st question — What do I need to start? Self-explanatory — something you’re not doing that you be doing that you’re not doing?

2nd question — What do I need to do more of? Doing a little of it but I know I need to do more if I’m serious about obtaining that goal?

3rd question — What do I need to do less of? Obviously this doesn’t serve me anymore, is actually counterproductive, if that’s my goal so I need to do less of it.

4th question — What do I need to stop doing all together? Those are things counter to the goal and not serving and are actually pulling you further away from the goal. When you get clear on where you are, where you want to be and answer those four questions you can get there in a very efficient path and manner following the five step success magnet system.

[00:56:59] Ron: Good stuff. So what were those four again?

[00:57:06] Tom: Four questions:

1st question — What do I need to start? 

2nd question — What do I need to do more of? 

3rd question — What do I need to do less of? 

4th question — What do I need to stop doing all together?

[00:57:17] Ron: yea that sums it up right there. As you were saying that I was thinking of stuff I need to stop doing and do more of and you know it puts things in perspective.

[00:57:30] Alice: You mentioned how we may never actually help people learn something new but those questions are good because people already know the answers tho those even if they think they don’t.

[00:57:53] Tom: Correct. And there’s an exercise that’s a little more powerful but we don’t have much time left. Those four questions, when you ask the questions related to business it’s not about a whole bunch of things, it’s adding one thing, what’s the one thing that has the highest potential to add a zero to my revenue, the one thing I’m not doing that has the potential for some people that’s a webinar for others it’s something else like hosting a live event. The one thing you’re not currently doing that has the potential to build your business by 10x. So it’s not like what I need to start doing and add 10 or 15 things, it’s just one thing. Now the 2nd question is what I need to do more of. This is your unique ability we talked with Dan Sullivan, about those three areas that only you can do and is the absolute best use of your time.

[00:58:41] Tom: The highest (Intelligible) do the three things you can’t hire a team to do or outsource. The third step (Intelligible) … you need to stick with those three unique abilities. What’s the fourth thing we should stop doing all together, could be addiction, we all know what the vices that are definitely contrary to our goals that we’ve set. That’s the brief two minute overview. BAM.

[00:59:11] Alice: Before we’re all done tell them about your book that’s coming out.

[00:59:23] Tom: Stop Over Complicating Success takes some of the principals we’ve talked about today and some we didn’t have time to discuss and helps fulfill exactly what the title states. Stop Over Complicating Success. And I chose (Intelligible) … So many people are overwhelmed, confused and lost about how to get from where they are to where they want to be. So I want to give clarity on what your next step is and what the next step after that will be. The clarity, the confidence and the commitment to get from where you are to where you want to be personally and professional, through health and relationships and finances.

[01:00:03] Alice: The book is a couple of months away so where should they go now?

[01:00:05] Tom: Where you can go now to get more information from me is a podcast that I have at that’s my motto. When I grew up listening to Zig Zigler. He had that see you over the top statement and I needed one like that so mine is Make Today Great. I sign off all my videos, audios, emails with Make Today Great. So and / or just google my name Tom Beal there is much more beyond what we discussed today. The whole purpose of this is to help simplify and help you Stop Over Complicating Success. Get more at

[01:00:43] Ron: Awesome Tom. Thank You So Much. Definitely guys go to and check out Tom’s podcast and he’ll let you know when that book comes out. I’m looking forward to getting it. Anyone listening to this, I’m sure he’s been a huge help to everyone. If he has hit him up on social media, Facebook, Google Plus and let him know what this meant to you that he was able to share all these things. Thanks again Tom and I’ll talk to you again buddy.

[01:01:11] Tom: My pleasure. Thanks for having me Ron and Alice. I’m looking forward to hearing the feedback from you watching.














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