Are You Still Struggling to Launch Your First Information Product?

Ron Douglas and Alice SebaHere’s an excerpt from our Info Product Mastery Q&A session where we teach you how to create and sell your information product.

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Now, here’s our first question…

Question: Why is it so hard to set up that first information product? 

Ron:  I guess when you first do anything, it’s difficult. It’s just you probably overthinking it. Just get it out there and use that low-hanging fruit that we talked about — stuff that you really know about, or are really interested in learning about, and just put it out there.

For your first product, you could even just interview a bunch of people, compile that and get transcripts made.

Alice:  Yeah, and don’t worry worry about the technology so much. If you don’t want to do the website, start with Udemy or a system like Genius Trainer. Do something, and it doesn’t have to be this big hit the first time that you do it because you learn so much from putting something together.

So even if you just make a little money from that, you get the benefit of learning and you can improve what you’ve already done. You can scrap it and do something else, but that experience of doing something the first time is so valuable. If you just sit and think about it, instead of doing it, that’s no good. You don’t learn anything from it because you haven’t experienced how the whole selling process works. You have to just do it.

Ron:  Right.

Alice:   And make it simple, like you said. You may have an idea for a very complex involved product for your first one, but you probably want to start to see if there’s buyers out there for it, so first you want to do something free. Start building that list and then perhaps release a small product, just to get grow your customer list and we’ve already talked about growing your customer list.

Once you have people on your customer list and they’re happy with what you sold them them first time, they’re going to be happy to buy more from you, so you can ramp things up that way.

First Steps:

If you’re getting ready to launch an information product, here are your first steps:

  • Create a free report or other valuable free taste of content and start growing your mailing list. Having a list is a very valuable asset for when you plan to start selling your product. Your list already knows they love your content, so they’ll jump at the chance to buy your product.
  • Make a simple product plan. Don’t over-complicate your first try. It can be a short ebook, a series of interviews or anything your target audience would find valuable.
  • Put it up for sale and tweak as you go. Don’t worry about perfection. Strive for progress instead.

How to Complete These Steps: 

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